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Whoodle Application

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This application is for those wanting to purchase a pet puppy, If you are seeking a donation puppy as a service dog for a Veteran or a donation puppy to be a school therapy dog, please send us a private message, or email us at

Before filling in the application, please read through our Contract and Health Guarantee , which you can find in the drop down menu above. It is very important that you understand what we as breeders expect from our new puppy owners. Each puppy we breed is special to us and we take care in placing each one.  

We also want you, the new family, to have a fun, positive experience in raising and living with your new forever friend.  We are always available by phone or email with any questions and concerns. While you wait for your new friend, please go to our shopping section and read some of the books we recommend. All puppies are raised on puppy culture and we highly recommend you continue to raise your puppy on the methods taught by puppy culture. Remember, raising and owning a dog is a responsibility, just like having a baby.  It takes education on your part to mold a great canine citizen.  It is so easy with that new bundle of puppy to let training slide until later.  THAT will be a big mistake!  Start puppy’s training the day you pick them up.  So if you’re ready, talked to family about the decision to add a new member and want to make the commitment……please fill out our application below to start the process.  

At first glance, you might think ” this is a little long – are all these questions really necessary?” These preliminary questions are a way for us to learn more about you and your lifestyle as we want to ensure that the Whoodle breed is the right fit for you. We hand-raise all of our puppies in our home with our family  and love them. When we place all of our puppies with their new families, we are giving you an extension of our own hearts.

Every family is different, and there are no right or wrong answers. We know many families have two working adults and we don’t expect anyone to be a superhero and quit a day job just to be able to take home a puppy. Every puppy family has different needs, and this application helps us identify those needs and what homes might make the best fit.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in the application. Upon review of this application, we will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps on welcoming a Heart of America Whoodle into your home. For pictures of the parents or past puppies, please look under the drop down menu above.

Please call or email us with any questions during this process. Our contact information is in the drop down menu above. Exciting times await you! 🐾

Heart of America Whoodles Puppy Application
  • A chestnut colored whoodle jumping through the yard
  • A white whoodle with his head laying on the back of the couch
  • A wheaton colored whoodle puppy sitting infront of a window
  • A grey whoodle with a TY beanie baby tag
  • A white whoodle with a reindeer hood
  • A brown whoodle with his front paws on the table
  • A black and white whoodle puppy
  • A wheaton colored whoodle running through the grass
  • A white whoodle sitting in the snow
  • A brown whoodle laying on a blanket