St. Louis, MO
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Heart of America Whoodles

Ethical, dedicated whoodle breeders located in the Midwest, who want to give back to our Nation's veterans.

Who are We?

Heart of America Whoodles (HOAW) has been voted the #1 whoodle breeder in the US 3 years in a row. We are located in the midwest, just outside of Saint Louis, Missouri. I have dedicated myself to home raising whoodles with phenomenal temperaments and dispositions. I pride myself on being an ethical whoodle breeder who constantly ensures that we always provide great care for both our adult dogs and puppies. Therefore, the health and longevity of all our whoodles, is extraordinarily important to the HOAW family.

Although my main mission is to donate our puppies to work as service dogs and therapy dogs (please see Our Mission below), I also breed whoodles as pets to help offset the costs of food and vet bills. To learn more about us, please visit our page, How it Started.

What is a Whoodle?

Whoodles are Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier/Poodle mixes. Because both breeds are hypoallergenic, whoodles do not shed! The love of a Whoodle is immeasurable, and we believe that they are the hidden gems of the dog world. Whoodles are very friendly and loving, and make very loyal companions. We breed both standard whoodles and miniature whoodles. A standard whoodle is a soft coated wheaten/standard poodle mix, and typically grow up to be 30-50 pounds. Similarly, a mini-whoodle is a soft coated wheaten/miniature poodle mix and typically grows up to be 15-30 pounds. To learn more about whoodles please visit our page, What is a Whoodle?

Our Mission

I pride myself in doing things differently than most breeders. I do our best to give back to our Nation’s bravest heroes, the United States Military, through the donation of a puppy. After that, the whoodle will train to be a service dog for wounds both seen and unseen. Saving the lives of our veterans, one whoodle at a time is and always will be why we exist.

Furthermore, I have extended our donation program to include donating puppies to educational organizations. Their newfound owners will train the puppy to be a school therapy dog. We also donate puppies to first responders to be trained as full-time therapy dogs in the workplace.

Puppies for Sale?

We normally do not have whoodle puppies for sale without joining our waiting list, so contact us as soon as possible to see which upcoming litter would be best for you!

  • Tan and white whoodle sitting on the couch.
  • Grey whoodle with blue bandana sitting infront of a white chair.
  • Brown and white whoodle sitting in a blue chair.
  • Wheaton colored brindle whoodle with pink bandana outside during autumn
  • Multi-colored Brown Whoodle with St. Patrick's Day Bow
  • Black and White Whoodle looking out the Window