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Veteran Service Dog

Life before our whoodle was a living nightmare, PTSD had showed it’s ugly face and was here to stay and everyday was a struggle full of fear and the unknown our once happy full of life loving family was being ripped apart and in a tailspin of a downward spiral I didn’t know what to do but knew I had to do something and do it fast or we where going to lose this battle I was searching high and low literally grasping for straws praying begging for something anything to help us save our Hero .I know it wasn’t by chance but by Gods fate that someone seen my plea and got me in contact with April and HOAW I was totally skeptical about how a service dog could help this as severe as it was and because we had tried everything medication, doctors,therapy ect. With no relief in sight but hey what could we lose we had nothing left at this point so we got on the wait list and held on tight and I prayed we could hold out and that this was our saving grace I talked to April almost daily and she was my strength and back bone through the hard and bad days and then the day came but we where not in this litter but we watched the updates as the puppies where being born anyway as we where up anyway with night terrors and flashbacks and when that perfect little white puppy came into this world and we got the pic on the puppy parent page my husband’s eyes lit up and he said oooh that puppy is special and I reminded him this is not our litter he said I know but there is just something about that one well that night we had gotten horrible news about the loss of a very close friend but also that night April let me know that due the big litter and a few needing to move to a different littler we were going to be in this litter WHAT!!! God is so good he knew and he provided so of course I told my husband and his eyes light up like I hadn’t seen in so long and as we waited and watched these babies grow his mind never changed he loved that big white stubborn puppy with all he had left in him even though he wasn’t the ideal pick for a service dog he was stubborn he was the last to eat on his own and protested loudly I tried to sway him and change his mind and thought I had until puppy picking day when April’s daughter ask us if we could hold him so people could see other puppies and when she placed him in my husband’s arms I felt the clam fall over the room and peace come over my husband’s face like I have never seen and he looked at me and said he is mine. From that day forward my husband and his whoodle are unstoppable and inseparable. They will be graduating in the next few months and will be a full fledged service dog he saved our lives in more ways than one he knows when his daddy is getting ready to go into a panic attack or flash back and will jump in his lap or lay across his chest and pull him out he has never been trained for that but he never had to be he just knows and acts on it every time my family and I are forever grateful for April her amazing girls and their amazing mission in saving veterans one whoodle at a time they sure saved our veteran and our lives. Our whoodle is the best thing that has ever happened to us!!! We love you our buddy today and everyday.

  • White whoodle wearing a service vest in a car
  • White whoodle wearing a service vest
  • White whoodle puppy on a cot bed

Puppies and their families

Four years ago I lost my 1st dog and ever since I’ve been searching & waiting for my perfect companion.

With 3 kids (10, 8 & 5 years old) and a husband who was not raised with animals; the must-haves list was long:

A great family pet

Easily trainable

Non shedding a plus

Right size for us

Personality & lifestyle to fit in with ours

Reputable & conscientious breeder a MUST

And the list goes on…

Let me tell you, Dr. Bruce Banner (aka Banner) has only been home almost a week and is exceeding all of our expectations.

He is on his way to being potty trained, he is happy to be in his place (crate) all night, calm but playful, soulful and smart. Our family and friends are as impressed and in love with him as we are.

Bottom line – our entire family is happy with the decision to wait almost a year to get this puppy our 6th and final member of the family!

I couldn’t have been happier with April as a breeder and greatly respect her as a person. She’s doing her part to make sure as many veterans get Whoodles.

I hope by waiting and contributing I may have helped her mission in some way. I am certain she’s made my heart happy and am proud to be a part of the Heart of America Whoodle Family.


  • Banner the wheaton colored puppy rolling around in the grass
  • Banner the wheaton colored puppy sitting in a char

I’m so happy I found Heart of America Whoodles! It doesn’t take long to see that April and her Girls put there Heart and Sole into raising beautiful, healthy pups and the work she does to get these pups into the hands of vets goes above and beyond. I can’t thank them enough! We are so in love with our little man Tucker!❤️🐶

  • Tucker the dark gray whoodle sitting over the back of a couch
  • Tucker the dark gray whoodle looking at the camera

If you are looking for a happy, healthy, confident, social, well adjusted, smart, and loving puppy, while supporting an amazing cause, Heart of America Whoodles and April makes that happens. From the initial contact to puppy picking day and after, April has been nothing but responsive, helpful, and supportive. She arranged for us to meet her dogs, posts videos and pictures of the litters, and invites you into her house for puppy picking. All breeders do not do this. Her dog and their puppies are her pets, and it shows. April is a caring and genuine person I have ever met. You will feel like you have known her forever. She is a fantastic person and breeder and truly loves her dogs, and it shows in her knowledge, the support she provides and of course the puppies. We could not be happier to be a part of the family, and we love our Whoodle.

Black whoodle puppy outside

I can not say enough good things about April and Heart Of America Whoodles. I am so impressed with the amount of dedication and love that goes into these dogs. April doesn’t breed these dogs just for money like many breeders that we ran into while looking for a puppy, she does this from her heart. I have never been more confident that I have been blessed with a puppy that has had the best possible care for the first 8 weeks of her life. The dedication doesn’t stop after the first 8 weeks either. April checks up on all of her puppies and makes sure that we have all the information we need to succeed. It is such an amazing feeling to know that if I ever have a question or concern, April is just one message or call away. Heart Of America Whoodles has truly changed my life and I could not be more thankful.

  • A grey whoodle puppy sitting on a bed
  • A grey whoodle puppy sitting in some grass

April and her girls have been great to work with. She is always there to answer questions. It’s clear that she loves her dogs and puts a lot of energy and love into her puppies. She takes care and ensures that her puppies are going to homes where they will be cared for and loved. She is there for their whole life not just until they go home. She starts their training from day one so they will be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted puppies. She has created a family of whoodles and their owners. A community that’s started by getting one of her puppies but has turned into a family that is there for you for much more. Wouldn’t want to get a whoodle from anyone else.

  • Black whoodle puppy on hardwood floors
  • Black whoodle with a lime green bandana

We just cannot say enough about April and Heart of America Whoodles. April was kind enough to drive 45 minutes from her house to meet us, and allow us to meet one of her Whoodles. She was so patient with all our questions, our concerns. She is transparent, informative and has a heart of gold. She has a waiting list, and rightfully so. We talked to a few other breeders who had puppies readily available, but we felt April’s program and mission were something we wanted to be a part of. We sincerely enjoy her live videos, and getting updates almost every day. April obviously cares about her dogs, and takes great care to ensure she gives them a great head start in puppy culture. We have only had our puppy for a few days, but I can tell you it has been such a wonderful experience. Our pup fits right in to our family, sleeps through the night with minimal disruption and knows to use the piddle mat from day one! We highly recommend April’s program and I promise you, its worth the wait!

  • Black whoodle puppy being held like a baby
  • Black whoodle with a very cute black nose

The care and socialization that April provides her puppies, helps to create a well rounded dog that is ready for any family. I have one of her pups and he is the best. He is also a therapy dog that goes to school with me each day at the school I teach. She also a breeder that is a resource for life and will help you with any question big or small.