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Alyssa the Dog Nanny

Meet Alyssa – HOAW’s Dog Nanny

Alyssa has been working as HOAW’s Dog Nanny since 2020. Her love of dogs goes back to her childhood and her dream of becoming a veterinarian. While Alyssa’s career choice changed over the years (she is enrolled in beauty school), her love of dogs has never receded. 

What makes Alyssa such a wonderful dog nanny? Alyssa’s love of animals is evident the moment you meet her. Combine this with her innate caring nature and her strong work integrity and you know exactly why she is such a wonderful dog nanny.  Alyssa is a tremendous asset to HOAW and helps raise each HOAW puppy – from the time of their birth until they head to their forever homes. She also plays an important role in caring for the guardian dogs when they are at HOAW for breeding or delivering puppies.

Alyssa is currently dog mom to Nico, a 7 year old chihuahua mix; 4 year old Ziggy, a pit bull mix; and 4 year old Smokey, an Akita mix. 

When asked what she enjoys most about HOAW, Alyssa responded in her good humored way… My favorite part is of course working with April. My next favorite part is having the opportunity to watch the babies grow up. I love seeing the different stages of development during the first 8 weeks as they go from sleepy newborns to energetic and playful 8 week olds. It’s also amazing to hear the stories of how one little puppy can change somebody’s life completely. It makes me so happy to know I played a part in raising the puppies that are impacting peoples’ lives for the better.