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How it all Started

Welcome to Heart of America Whoodles! Let me tell you about us and how it all started. 

Reagan was our first Whoodle and she quickly won our hearts. Whoodles tend to love everyone and everything but they also tend to favor one person. Reagan took to me and quickly became my shadow and she filled every crack, crevice and hole in my heart. We thought that this was just a fluke and that we had hit the puppy lottery but my youngest daughter who was in high school at the time wanted her own Whoodle as she wanted that same love that Reagan and I shared. We found a puppy that was last pick out of a litter and was already 12 weeks old when she came home. Kennedy became the apple of my daughter’s eye and they have been inseparable ever since. Kennedy has been known to delay having her babies for hours waiting for my daughter to arrive. My oldest daughter saw the crazy love that my youngest daughter and I had and she just knew she needed a Whoodle of her own. We put down a deposit and we waited for the puppy to be born. When that time came, she had pick of the litter and she picked Carter out. Carter came home the night before her birthday in an ice/snow storm. He, of course took to my oldest daughter and they have been buddies ever since.

We had no intention of breeding dogs, however God started to work on my heart not long after Carter came home. This story started long before the Whoodles ever came into our lives, as my children experienced the greatest loss a child could experience. While their Dad was serving in the Marine Corps, he passed away on active duty. They spent many years trying to deal with their own trauma and trying to make sense of such a tragedy.

We all have always found comfort in our pets but upon getting the Whoodles we experienced a love that we never knew existed. On numerous occasions while we were experiencing our grief, anxiety or depression, the Whoodles with no special training at all would come to our side, invade our personal bubble and melt into us. The sweet, soulful and healing spirits they have make them far beyond any dog I have ever experienced. We didn’t witness this with one of them but with ALL of them, and this can’t be a coincidence. Through the love of our Whoodles and the immense love and healing they provided to us, God starting working on my heart calling me to breed and share the love of Whoodles to others. I resisted for sometime because I didn’t want to a risk my precious baby, she was my whole heart. I wanted to put her in bubble wrap and keep her safe. God reassured me that He was in control and that he would protect her and made it clear to me this is what He wanted me to be doing. But God also made it very clear that profit was NOT my goal here but SAVING OUR VETERANS ONE WHOODLE AT A TIME was our #1 goal, which quickly became our mission. If Whoodles had saved us more times than we could count, then why couldn’t their babies save our Nation’s bravest heroes?

I am so glad I listened to Him as this journey has been the most healing and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Seeing the transformation, confidence and health be breathed back into our Veterans makes all the long hours and hard work worth the while. At Heart of America Whoodles, we work closely with our veterinarian as well as a reproductive veterinarian to make sure we are carefully choosing our parent dogs through research and technology to make sure our Whoodles, poodles and wheaten terrier parents are of only the very highest standard. We only select the very best candidates based on health and temperaments as we strive to produce superb, well-rounded Whoodle puppies who can be your newest family member.

For every Whoodle sold at Heart of America Whoodles, it helps continue our mission of saving our Veterans one Whoodle at a time. Furthermore, God works in mysterious ways and we will be having our first mini Whoodles in 2020. Because mini Whoodles don’t make great service dogs, we have decided that a portion of every mini litter will be donated to teachers, librarians, school counselors etc. to be trained as therapy dogs to be used in schools. Our youth today have more stressors than any generation before them. Many deal with unimaginable stresses beyond school, from poverty to absent parents, to being in foster care etc. With the presence of a therapy dog in the schools, it has shown to improve attendance, boost self-confidence, help students to become more self-aware and improve grades. Schools across the nation are embracing this as the new normal as they have seen the difference a dog can make. Because Whoodles are generally sweet, smart, laid back, easy going, eager to please, easily trainable and very soulful they are prefect for this task. Furthermore, because children often have allergies to dogs Whoodles are often chosen over other breeds due to the fact that both parent breeds are as close to being hypoallergenic as possible. As no dog is completely hypoallergenic, we can’t say that they are but what we can say it that many families who had given up hope on ever owning a dog have no problems with their Whoodle.

Can you tell we are smitten with the Whoodle?

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