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Past Puppies

Every litter born at Heart of America Whoodles is carefully planned and each parent is first and foremost our pets. Each parent is health tested and cleared through Embark DNA testing and is followed by their regular vet as well as a reproductive vet. All puppies are born in our master suite and stay there until they are four weeks old when they move directly across the hallway to our puppy room where they stay until they go home at eight weeks old. Puppies are raised on puppy culture and receive early neurological stimulation as well as getting plenty of tummy time that makes for a submissive puppy. They go home well on their way to being potty trained, crate trained, and sleep trained. Although many of our puppies go on to be service dogs for our Veterans and therapy dogs in school districts around the nation, many of our puppies are pets in homes just like mine or yours.

  • A dark whoodle puppy wearing a blue harness
  • A cream colored whoodle puppy sitting on a black blanket.
  • Rosie with her tongue sticking out
  • A black and white whoodle puppy
  • A white whoodle sitting in the snow
  • A white whoodle with his head laying on the back of the couch
  • A grey whoodle with a TY beanie baby tag
  • A black and white whoodle puppy
  • A brown and white whoodle puppy on a couch outside
  • Banner the wheaton colored puppy sitting in a char
  • Banner the wheaton colored puppy rolling around in the grass
  • Tucker the dark gray whoodle sitting over the back of a couch
  • Tucker the dark gray whoodle looking at the camera
  • Whoodle Puppy with Wheaton Coloring in a Field.
  • Black Whoodle infront of Siding
  • Tan and White Whoodle with a Blue Bandana in Kitchen.
  • Brown and white whoodle sitting in a blue chair.
  • Grey and white whoodle infront of building with large windows.
  • Tan and white whoodle sitting on the couch.