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Our Mission

At Heart of America Whoodles, we do things differently than most breeders. We exist because of our love for our Veterans and a dedication to save them one whoodle at a time. Our Veterans have sacrificed so much to keep us the “land of the free”. They come home with wounds seen and unseen. Having a service dog as their battle buddy in life after the military gives them the freedom, confidence and friendship they need to live the lives they so deserve. Our Veterans have sworn to protect and defend us and at HOAW we are dedicated to helping them find their new normal once they come home. We donate a good majority of our puppies to Veterans and the puppies we sell, help continue that mission. We also believe in saving our next generation through donating puppies to be trained as therapy dogs in our schools. Children nowadays are facing more stresses than generations before them with bullying, absent parents, poverty or even the stresses to be a high achiever in sports or academics. Having a dog in schools has proven to improve attendance, calm students and staff alike and improve test scores. Whoodles are often a prime candidate for both service and therapy work as they are sweet, smart, soulful and eager to please. Whoodles are also one of the least allergenic dogs out there because both the poodle and the soft coated wheaten terrier are considered hypo-allergenic.

  • A dark whoodle puppy wearing a blue harness