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What is an F1 Whoodle?

You can often see our whoodles being described as one of the following F1, F2, or F3, or even F1b or F2b. These are terms that breeders use to distinguish different generations of a mixed/hybrid dog breed.

P Generation

100% Purebred Dog

A P generation dog is a purebred dog. In our case, this would refer to a pure bread soft coated wheaton terrier, or a pure bread poodle.

Example: a soft coated wheaton terrier or a poodle

A Purebred Poodle Breeding chart

We have a few purebreds! Check them out here:
Abigail Adams – Standard Poodle
Amazing Grace – Miniature Poodle

F1 Generation

50% Purebred-A, 50% Purebred-B

An F1 puppy is the result of breeding two purebred dogs of different breeds.

Example: a whoodle whose parents are a purebred soft coated wheaten terrier, and a purebred poodle

Check out our F1 Whoodles:
Jackie Kennedy – Standard Whoodle
Jimmy Carter – Standard Whoodle
Franklin Roosevelt – Standard Whoodle

F1b Generation

75% Purebred-A, 25% Purebred-B

The b in F1b stands for backcrossed. This means you would breed an F1 dog with a P dog. Normally this is done when there are more traits from one of the breeds that the breeder hopes to appear in the puppies.

Examples: a whoodle whose parents are an F1 whoodle, and a poodle, or a whoodle whose parents are an F1 whoodle and a wheaten terrier

An f1b generation whoodle breeding chart

We have quite a few F1 whoodles
Dolley Madison – Standard Whoodle
Margaret Taylor – Standard Whoodle
Ida McKinley – Miniature Whoodle
Liberty Bell – Miniature Whoodle
Lucy Hayes – Miniature Whoodle
Eleanor Roosevelt – Miniature Whoodle

F2 Generation

50% Purebred-A, 50% Purebred-B

F2 puppies are created when you breed to F1 parents.

Example: a whoodle whose parents are two f1 whoodles

An f2 generation whoodle breeding chart

Meet our F2 whoodles:
Rosie, The Riveter – Standard Whoodle
Amelia Earhart – Standard Whoodle
Mary McKee – Standard Whoodle

F2b Generation

75% Purebred-A, 25% Purebred-B

Remember: that F2 means the puppy is 2nd generation, and the b stands for backcrossed!

F2b means that the puppy is a second-generation backcrossed puppy. F2b dogs are the result of an F1 parent being bred with an F1b parent.

Example: a whoodle with an f1 whoodle parent and an f1b whoodle parent

An f2b generation whoodle breeding chart

F3 Generation

50% Purebred-A, 50% Purebred-B

An F3 puppy in an offset from the mating of two F2 hybrid parents.

Example: a whoodle where both parents are F2 whoodles

An f3 generation whoodle breeding chart